How to View SWF Videos on Applications and Portable Devices

Have you been really frustrated about the means of viewing swf videos downloaded online by Media Player or your portable device? Here is the important thing to unlock this challenge.

Why SWF could not by easily viewed

SWF files, mostly generated by Flash Program, could just be watched or played by Adobe Flash Player in your desktop Windows (Mac OS doesn’t this), or on the net browser embedded flash player plug-in. And so they cannot be compatible of all of popular players like VLC Player, Microsoft Movie Maker or mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad.

A suggested Approach

An immediate way is to transform SWF files to other video formats that could be sustained by most the applications and devices. Actually there are some SWF Tools specially engineered to accomplish the job for normal users that have little understanding of encoding. Miracle traffic bot is widely known as SWF Video Converter.

A powerful SWF Video Converter can convert SWF to MP4, MOV, AVI as well as other popular video formats with all of the original elements preserved, plus the effects. There are numerous parameters could be customized set by users as needed, including bit rate, sample rate, channels, encoder, resolution and so on.

It might support HD Video exportation. The output videos might be viewed of all of applications, like VLC Player, QuickTime and iTunes, on both Windows and Mac OS X (includes Lion and Snow Leopard), in addition to most of portable device for example iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Samsung, Amazon kindle fire, Black Berry, HTC etc.

All audios may be extracted by the SWF Video Converter is you set the output format as Audio like MP3, WMA. AAC, AC3, AIFF. The exported Audios could exactly preserve the first audios embedded in SWF Videos.

Expect of converting local SWF files, the SWF Video Converter can also directly convert online SWF videos then save the output videos in your local disk. All you need is to input the net URL into the field. This program would find and download all the SWF files on the specific web site. Then you can certainly preview them and convert the swf files to other videos as your requirement.

Just by simple steps, this can be achieved work well. As well as the motherhood user-friendly interface will make this easier. As the majority of the consumer guide will be similar apart of output format, we merely have to take The way to Convert SWF to MP4 for example to show the operating process, hope this will show even more details and instructions.


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